For your convenience we accept VENMO, PAYPAL, ZELLE and most major credit cards.

Please note that some of these payment methods will require a processing fee of up to 4% of your total amount charged. We also accept personal and company checks by mail, payable to PHENT. You can request a mailing address if you choose to pay by check. We can provide an invoice for your records upon request.


Very Important: We require a signed credit card authorization form for each transaction. Please make sure to read the “Terms and Conditions” on this page before making your payment. Processing fees may apply.


Terms and Conditions: All payments are final. There are NO REFUNDS. Prices are subject to availability. A 50% non refundable deposit is required to hold any event date and time. All remaining balances are to be paid prior to services being provided.


All bookings are made through PHENT Entertainment. PHENT Entertainment and it’s associates reserve the right to substitute entertainer(s)/performer(s) in case of health issues and/or personal reasons pertaining to the entertainer(s). PHENT Entertainment and it’s associates are not to be held liable for any accidents, health, nor medical issues associated to an event nor occurring during an event. The customer is responsible for the behavior of his/her guests and for the consequences of their actions. If the terms and conditions are not disputed within 3 business days of payment transaction, it is considered that the customer forfeits his/her right of any and all legal actions. By processing payment the customer agrees to all terms and conditions.

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